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Flatworld Solutions came to the Philippines with extensive experience in the business owing to its wide range of experience in the operation of its global offices. The Philippine market has its own potential, but it wasn’t long after when the company realized that the market also presents its unique set of challenges. The business environment was different, and the company needed tools tailored to the Philippine market.

The company started with a large chunk of administrative work done manually, but the said process proved to be too time-consuming and too resource-wasting. The management realized it needed a more efficient way to perform its daily operations


About Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO-certified technology services outsourcing and software engineering company that was established in 2002. It offers outsourcing and business consulting services, as well as up to 14 different types of IT services.

The company has around 400 employees and currently has offices in 6 countries: Bolivia, India, Kenya, Paraguay, Peru, and Philippines. It also has a global delivery network and almost 10,000 customers across 46 countries around the world. Its global clients include Dupont Solutions and GD Financial.


When Flatworld Solutions established its operation in the Philippines, the company realized that it would need an administrative system that is tailored to the Philippine business environment and market, one that can accommodate the various requirements expected from Philippine businesses. At the same time, the system should be globally competitive and capable of adapting to the global processes involved in the operation of the business.

When the company started, it used a software, but its administrative process remained manual for the most part. But while manual processing means easy adaptation to the Philippine requirements because the process was done by people who know about the said requirements, this created a lot of problems and setbacks for the company.

  • Payroll processing took 5 days, and the processing time is even longer when government deadlines are looming ahead and everyone is rushing to meet the said deadlines.
  • Computation mistakes were almost always unavoidable because of the manual nature of the administrative operation in the company. Re-computation has almost become the norm. Even with a part of the processing done with the use of a software, mistakes are still common.
  • Implementing the software used by the company was not successful. The provider over-promised, but the actual software did not really work. In fact, it is currently in the process of requesting for a refund from the software provider because of the unsuccessful implementation.

These were the problems the company was facing when it engaged the services of Sprout. Aside from providing Flatworld Solutions with a system that would run efficiently long-term, it also had to help re-evaluate the system already in place so that there would be a smooth transition.

With Sprout Solutions

Sprout offered its Payroll Pie and HR Hub software to the company. The re-evaluation of the company’s previous system proved crucial, as this revealed one of the biggest cracks in its admin operation. During the company’s first payroll run using the new system, the client found a flaw with its previous timekeeping system which turned out to be costing them P80,000 twice a month—they didn’t realize they were losing P160,000 month after month just because of a timekeeping problem.

Aside from this, the implementation of the new software has provided several benefits to the company, as follows:

  • Shorter payroll processing time. What used to take 5 days to process is now being done in just 2 days.
  • Due to the elimination of manual component in the process, errors in computation have been minimised. There is no more duplicate work being done, so the company is saving both time and money.
  • There are no more forms needed—everything is now being done online. The administrative process has significantly become more efficient.

Flatworld Solutions has already found a complete package in Sprout, and it’s on its way to growing its business operations in the Philippines.

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