Use an all-in-one, holistic people platform

The Sprout ecosystem is the first people platform designed for the future of work in the Philippines. 

Our goal is to help small businesses to large-scale enterprises grow through our suite of backend solutions that address end-to-end HR challenges. Stay hybrid work-ready with Sprout.


HR and Payroll

Track employee attendance from your dashboard

Use our all-in-one timekeeping software to monitor everything that happens from employee clock-in to payout. Process company payrolls, automate government forms, and generate digital payslips in just a few clicks. 


Use smart data to your advantage

Drive your business to greater heights by unlocking your data’s true potential. Make data-driven decisions with analytics, in-depth reporting, and interactive dashboards.

InstaCash and Wellness

Provide financial assistance when it matters

Support the financial needs of your workforce. With Sprout HR, your employees will receive emergency cash in just a few minutes without filling out any forms.

Performance +

Help your employees reach peak performance

Improve overall productivity and set your team on the right path to career development. Sprout automates performance management so you can spend less time on training and assessments.

Trusted by the best in the Philippines

We’ve helped over 1,000 happy clients save more time and money by simplifying their HR processes.
Make the shift from logbooks and spreadsheets to Sprout.

" Sprout is one of the best things that happened to our business this year - from saving me from timekeeping & payroll headaches to giving our employees a whole, new experience that gets rid of all the old-style paperwork. "

Nina Camacho
Idea/Forma Designers Co.

" Sprout has made annualization absolutely pain-free! Our employees no longer have big year-end tax adjustments and refunds because the system computes the monthly contributions so accurately. "

Diana Sulit

" Sprout Payroll has been awesome for our business. It's simple, comprehensive in terms of functionality, and very easy to use. Definitely a tool to use if your business is aimed at growth. "

Angel Secuya

" As a medical company, we are held to strict security standards. Sprout Payroll was able to conform to our security compliance requirements without missing a step! "

Will Steedman
Pacific Surgical

" Sprout has helped organize our HR and Payroll teams so we have happier employees. Our happier employees have been producing higher sales. "

Michael McCullough
KMC Solutions

Manage HR from a Single Platform with Sprout


Cut your HR & Payroll processing time by up to 90% and improve accuracy to 99% with a full-blown HR Operating System

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