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Your company is a Sprout Certified Mind and Body Wellness Advocate.

The Mind and Body Wellness Advocate Award recognizes employers that prioritize the health and wellness of their employees. Give yourself a pat on the back, earning this badge means that you are a Great Employer who cares deeply about employees’ mental and physical well-being.

Share on your feed and use the hashtag #CertifiedGreatEmployer

Upload your badge on your Linkedin!

Download your badge.

Go to your Linkedin profile and click the “Add Profile” Section. Choose “Add Licenses and Certifications”.

Fill out the form with the name of your award.

Type Mind & Body Wellness Advocate on the “Name” field and type Sprout Solutions as the Issuing Organization. Choose March 2023 as the “Issue date”. Paste this link in the “Credentials URL” field. Click Save.

Download your badge.

A new screen with appear. Click Next. Write your best caption and add the hashtag #CertifiedGreatEmployer.

Upload your badge.

Upload your badge. Click Done and Post!

Sprout’s North Star is “to impact the life of every Filipino by improving Businesses in the Philippines”. Sprout strongly believes that elevating HR practices is something that will benefit everyone so, with this award, we want to recognize your company as one that goes above and beyond what most local businesses do. You are helping us get closer to our North Star, and so we would like for you to make the most out of this recognition.

How can I benefit the most from this award?

 As a Sprout Certified Great Employer, we recommend you showcase this award in your recruitment efforts, display it in your social channels, share it with clients on your email signatures, and add them to your LinkedIn profile. Clients, partners, investors, and prospective employees will be happy to join a company that is doing the right things. Here are some suggestions of how to use your badge:

					<a href="https://sprout.ph/blog/prioritizing-promoting-holistic-health-the-mind-body-wellness-advocate-badge-explained/"> <img class="wp-image-60253 br-lazy" src="data:image/svg+xml;utf8,%3Csvg%20xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'%20viewBox='0%200%20400%200'%3E%3C/svg%3E" data-breeze="https://imagedelivery.net/-oXbtoFK4ANTCGKE599L9Q/e8b63a35-f917-4e91-60b1-5f3ac439c500/w=1024"  width="400"  data-brsizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" data-brsrcset="https://imagedelivery.net/-oXbtoFK4ANTCGKE599L9Q/e8b63a35-f917-4e91-60b1-5f3ac439c500/w=320 320w, https://imagedelivery.net/-oXbtoFK4ANTCGKE599L9Q/e8b63a35-f917-4e91-60b1-5f3ac439c500/w=480 480w, https://imagedelivery.net/-oXbtoFK4ANTCGKE599L9Q/e8b63a35-f917-4e91-60b1-5f3ac439c500/w=768 768w, https://imagedelivery.net/-oXbtoFK4ANTCGKE599L9Q/e8b63a35-f917-4e91-60b1-5f3ac439c500/w=1024 1024w" /> </a>
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