"We lived in a house with extended family, we are pretty close to each other and we help one another to maintain a roof on top of our heads, lights to keep our home bright and meals 3x a day. However, on the onset of the pandemic most of my family member lost their jobs, only my wife and I kept our jobs alive. "

Edrian S. Smartsourcing BPO Inc.


"Having access to InstaCash, not only helped me but also my family to get through this tough time. I was still able to provide for my family up until the other members of my family got new jobs. I love InstaCash!"

Edrian S. Smartsourcing BPO Inc.


"Since this pandemic started I am in charge for my mom and grandma's monthly maintenance and most of the time my salary can't cope up with the bills and everyday expenses. Good thing we have InstaCash where we can get a salary advance as fast a 1 minute by the time you applied for it. It's hassle free, no hidden charges and no interest rate! It is such a huge relief having InstaCash."

Frances P. PSO Manila Ltd.



"When I was regularized, I was looking forward to using the InstaCash, It helped me buy goods for my family and also pay the bills. I love InstaCash. It has a mode of payment that is not heavy for employees. Thanks, InstaCash."

Marianne M. PSO Manila Ltd.




"Helps me a lot during times that I can't provide my sister's whole tuition fee. Sometimes, she needs to take special exam since I can't pay what I need to pay. But with the help of InstaCASH. it's possible now to pay the right amount."

Areeya A. Star 8 Green Technology Corp.


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"I was able to keep up with my bills even during the hype of the 2020 pandemic. I was also able to use it and help out some of my relatives and friends who lost their jobs during the pandemic. I was also able to buy my own pc to use for Work At Home Set-up. It really helped me a lot, and I am taking advantage of it.."

Jerome B. Netfortris

with BILLS

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"During petsa de peligro, my baby needs diaper and milk and our money is just enough to survive for the upcoming days before the next salary day. InstaCash has helped us buy the needs of my baby. Within 5mins, i already got the money and was able to buy immediately the milk and diapers. So very helpful plus super low interest rate!!"

Hansel R. TOA Global



"Instacash helped me by providing emergency funds whenever I needed it. It helped me to provide groceries and financial with my families."

Adriane R. Loanworks Technologies




"Very helpful for a single parent like me to pay tuition of my son and other expenses."

Jaylor S. Markable Solutions

aid in


"I'm a single mom with 2 kids and this option has helped me a lot especially during this pandemic for paying house bills, tuition for my kids, and for my medical needs. It is so easy to use and very reliable. instacash it is!."

Ann G. Catch


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"InstaCash has helped me last Christmas to prepare and provide food for the Christmas eve. This is a easy and fast way to lend money when you need it. InstaCash help me to pay my rent and bills on time, In just few minutes after requesting for assistant the money was transferred to my bank account instantly. Thank you InstaCash for always helping me in times that I need the most."

Toribio G. KMC Solutions


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