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Join the 2,000+ Philippine companies that have said goodbye to Payroll and HR headaches

Reduce your payroll processing time by up to 90%

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Payroll Pie transforms complex computations into an automated, seamless method simple enough to be handled even by non-payroll specialists. Its versatile design and efficient processes allow for you to process payroll in hours, not weeks!

Payroll Pie has been awesome for our business. It's simple, comprehensive in terms of functionality, and easy to use. Definitely a tool to use if your business is aimed at growth. -- Angel Secuya

Gain valuable insights through real time HR data

HR Hub consolidates all employee-monitoring activities into one simple, integrated platform. The system is designed to give you unprecedented insight into your overall administrative process so you can make smart decisions to grow your business.

For our company of over 500 employees, dispersed across many sites, HR and Timekeeping was an absolute nightmare before we started using HR Hub. This software has completely revolutionized how our company ticks. -- Amanda Escanlar

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